Introducing the Revolutionary Hearing Device Case


Whether you’re an active person who needs hearing aid storage during recreational activities or simply someone looking to protect your valuable hearing instruments against accidental damage, AidKeeper is the ideal solution. Both of our models provide a durable, water-resistant, compact and sanitary place to keep hearing aids when they aren’t in your ears.


Choose the best model to fit your lifestyle

The innovative and patented AidKeeper comes in two revolutionary models, both which fit in your pocket. The model you choose depends on the type of hearing device you wear.

The compact, water-resistant Alturas is built to manage behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids, radio earpieces (including those used in law enforcement), earbuds/headsets, molded ear protectors, or in-ear monitors, and is large enough to fit at least one Baha or cochlear implant processor.  The Alturas provides storage for spare batteries, a cleaning brush, desiccant (moisture absorber) and a wireless locator (sold separately), and is available in dark blue, hot pink, lime green, orange and purple. Designed with arthritic customers in mind, the cap closes easily with the palm of the hand.

The Clearwater is machined of rugged, military-grade bar stock aluminum and designed to protect your in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids. Each chamber stores up to three spare batteries and is sealed with a rubber O-ring.


Protect your investment 

Just as a cell phone case protects your smartphone from damage, AidKeeper provides safe storage for your hearing aids. Whether you engage in recreational activities such as boating, fishing, golfing, hunting and hiking, or just want to have a pocket-sized, crush-resistant case to keep your hearing devices safe from pets, children and household accidents, AidKeeper is the ideal solution.

And, if you have trouble keeping track of your hearing aid case, AidKeeper can help! Place a wireless locator (sold separately) in the special compartment of the Alturas model and use your smartphone to monitor the location of your AidKeeper at all times.


Manufactured in the USA

Both the Alturas and the Clearwater are proudly designed and manufactured in the United States. Distributor or audiologist pricing is available, once registered, by applying as a vendor here.