Alturas Models

AidKeeper’s Alturas model is a revolutionary solution for storing your behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids, one Baha or cochlear implant processor, earbuds, headsets and in–ear monitors.

Here’s why:

Durable construction

The Alturas is made of tough ABS plastic, is virtually crush proof and will not open upon impact if it’s accidentally dropped on the floor. Designed with arthritic customers in mind, the cap closes with only three quarters of a turn and can be done so using the palm of the hand. All AidKeeper products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.


Water resistant

When tightened against the O-ring, the Alturas is water resistant and buoyant, adding a measure of safety and security for your valuable investment. It’s a safe place to keep your hearing devices during outdoor recreational activities such as boating and fishing or during rainy, humid weather.


Watch how the Alturas floats in this video.


All-in-one storage

Each Alturas case comes with a cleaning brush and desiccant* capsule (for moisture control).  The desiccant fits into any of the four, half-inch receiver pockets inside the case along with the hearing aid earmold/dome. The cleaning brush includes a magnet to assist in managing batteries. If desired, a wireless locator (sold separately) can be inserted under the foam platform in the center of the case. The Alturas also provides stoage slots for spare batteries.

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Dark Blue Alturas Hearing Device Case


Hot Pink Alturas Hearing Device Case


Lime Green Alturas Hearing Device Case


Orange Alturas Hearing Device Case


Purple Alturas Hearing Device Case